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CheRestobar on #halfandhalfonthego

Meet Marvin, owner at Che Restobar .

Have you been there? Give it a try, you won’t regret it. It’s a friendly place, the staff is great, Marvin is always there smiling, dancing, singing and making sure everyone leaves CHE wanting to come back for more and O M G the food is amazing!

Learn more about Che restorer at

We continue featuring CHE Restobar this week at #halfandhalfonthego

Listen to what Marvin has to say about opening a business. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur but here we are building our dreams. Can you relate? 🤔.

“A lot of us started right from the bottom being dishwashers. We managed to become cooks, chefs and managers and at one point we want to open our own restaurant”⠀

-Marvin Rivas-



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