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#halfandhalfonthego at "I am London"

Last Thursday March the 7th 2019, we attended the “CELEBRATING COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT” event, organized by the LMLIP - London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership - an event that showcases this year’s I AM LONDON CAMPAIGN featured immigrants.

This is a Social Media Campaign that started in 2013. It’s main purpose is to showcase Immigrants that are part of the community and are proud to call Canada their home.

🎉Congratulations to the 14 immigrants featured in 2018! Swipe 👉 to see picture. . As immigrants we face many different challenges, like creating a new network, finding a job, getting people to know you. Some of us have degrees, experience, careers in our natal countries but none of this counts here in Canada. Nothing! We have to start all over again, learn another language and study again. But here we are and thanks to the community we can have our lives back. Thank you london, thank you Canada and thank you London &Middlesex LMLIP for letting us share this event with everyone.

✨🙏Special thanks to Houda Hussein-Coordinator for LMLIP-and @polina.shad -project coordinator-

To learn more about this event check out their website 👉



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