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Is Social Media Important for your Business?

Let's dig deeper on all these terminologies and see how they translate to your business:

While some argue Social Media is not that important for your business, we say it depends on your marketing plan and the time you can actually spend on this. Take a look at these numbers before you think about it:

  • Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly active users

  • Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users

  • Twitter has 126 million daily users

  • LinkedIn has 260 million monthly active users

And this is mentioning just a few of them, Do we need to say more?

These are giant networks of people and businesses waiting for content. Yes, the stats that show that conversion rates are not the same as with Google and we know it, but it does mean that you have a HUGE network of people to engage with, feed them with content, show them who you are and increase your Brand Awareness, with the right Social Media Marketing Plan, you can bring them to your website and convert them to sales.

What is Social Media Marketing or SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is as simple as Paid Advertising for Social Media, just like with Google Ads, you can create ads to be displayed on the Social Media Platform you choose, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and yes, even LinkedInand Wazeare offering Advertising now.

A big difference from SMM vs. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is that you have more options to target the audience you wanna go for, with Facebook for example, you can target people by hobbies, mobile brand, profession, interests, etc. This is called Facebook Targeting or Facebook Audience.

But there is another powerful process you can use to bring back your website visitors to a Landing Page or back to your website from Social Media. By connecting your Facebook Pixel to your Website, Facebook will collect all the data needed from your visitors and will let you redirect your Social Media Advertising Campaign to the people that has been already interested on your brand, this is known as Facebook Retargeting.

Of course you can do this from your Google Analytics Dashboard, but this means you'll have to understand the data you see, interpret it and know what steps to take to reach your goals, Facebook Pixel does it for you, automatically. instead of spending time analyzing all this data. We still recommend verifying all the information between platforms so you are sure things are done right. While other Social Media Platforms are implementing ads to their services, Facebook has the most powerful tools to target or re-target your audience from your website after Google Ads.


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