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So what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the compilation of good practices on your Website or Social Media so the Search Engines we mentioned before can find your business easier and faster in order to display it on the Search Engine Result Page or SERP.

The way it actually works is that each Search Engine utilizes an algorithm, a code to determinate if your site has the right keys to be positioned on the query. The better SEO plan you develop and follow for your website or Social Media profile, the better positioning or ranking your site will get on the query, and therefore it will show up on the results page on the top position. This is called building your site's "reputation".​

SEO practices are not an "easy game". It could actually take months to reflect your work and affect your ranking. The more you do to improve it, the better chance it would take less time to see the results.

Those good practices we mentioned may include the following:

  1. Words, Google will look for your keywords, Alt Text (on your images), your page title, your meta title, meta description and some other elements that connect your page's information all together.

  2. External Links, these are links to your website coming from other relevant and trustful pages like Listings, Social Media, and other service platforms like Uber, TripAdvisor, etc.

  3. Creating content (photos, videos, blogging, articles, etc.) constantly, will help build your reputation on Google among others.


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