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What is a Brand?

Branding is the process of making and developing a product or company's identity. This will allow your company to create a relationship between you and your consumers. In other words, drive them to relate to you and buy your brand.

In simple words, a Brand is what makes your business differentiate from your competitors. Brand is usually conformed by a group of elements that, combined all together, make your consumers like your product or services. These elements might include some of the following:

  1. Logo

  2. Brand Name

  3. Tag Line

  4. Brand Design

  5. Philosophy

Among others...

1. What is a Logo?

A Logo is an image, words, letters or symbols that represent your products or services and make it "unique". There are different types of logos:


  • Letter Marks; it's a logo made with letters, usually the initials of a long name

  • Logotypes; it's a logo made with your company's name

  • Logo Symbols: Brand mark, Abstract, and Mascots are usually used to represent your company

  • Combination Mark; it's a combination of any of the Letter Marks, Logotype, ad Logo Symbol

  • Emblem; it's basically a badge or mark that represents your brand

2. What is a Brand Name?

A Brand Name is the name you give a product, a service, or a group of elements that will represent your company in the market.

3. What is a Tag Line?

A Tag Line is a slogan or phrase that will guide your audience to understand more about your Brand. It usually generates an emotion, a feeling that will resonate in your consumers head/heart.

4. What is Brand Design?

There is a lot of psychological and emotional elements when designing a Brand, it's not just a logo. It has to represent your company's philosophy and believes. It has to resonate with your consumers so they feel represented by your Brand.

5. Philosophy in Your Brand?

Your philosophy has a lot to do with your Brand. It's how your consumers will see you and why they will decide to stick with your Brand and be part of your "community".

We understand this is a lot to digest and that's why we are here to help!


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