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What is Digital Media?

Okay, we are getting into deep sh...t!. Digital Media in it's very essence is related to any Media that is going to be displayed Digitally, but sometimes it can get confusing when talking about Digital Media vs. Traditional Media. So let's clarify the differences and how they translate to your business.

What is Digital Media?

Digital Media refers to any type of content:

  • 1. Online Streaming Video

  • 2. Still, Animated, and Video Ads

  • 3. Listing Profiles

  • 4. Pictures

  • 5. etc.

Any content displayed on:

  • Websites

  • Video Games

  • Video Streaming Platforms (yes, like YouTube or Vimeo)

  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)

You get the picture right!... anything you can visualize on a computer, mobile device, or even on your PlayStation, to name a few.

Digital Media vs. Traditional Media

Now that you understand a bit more about Digital Media, let's get even "more confused" and let's talk about Traditional Media (just to have fun), Traditional Media refers to what we used to use before the "Digital Time":

  • Radio

  • News Papers

  • Television

  • Printing

  • Billboards

  • etc.

Yes we know, you can listen to Radio online, watch TV on your iPhones, and even read the News Paper on a Digital version now a days, but these are still considered Traditional Media... it still sounds confusing, we know!

What are the Benefits of Digital Media for your Business?

This is where everything gets exciting, at least for us!... With globalized marketplaces, with international shipping options and numerous online stores in one place, like we find on Amazon, the "new kid on the block" talking about GoogleMyBusiness listing, that connects your business directly to Google Maps, Google Ads, and Google Search Engine, it's very important to "stay alive" on the "Digital World".

Having your website and feeding it with new content (Ex: Blog, Articles, Videos, etc.), engaging your audience on Social Media, working on your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, Advertising on the Search Engines (SEM) and Social Media Platforms (SMM), uploading video content to your YouTube Channel, anything you can do to bring your community together, connected on a "Digital World" is a MUST. Your business needs to be up to date on all these practices to be found where it needs to be and reach new potential clients.


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