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#halfandhalfonthego at FEMJAM2019

We were invited to go to FemJam on March 9 @b13bakersdozen and we didn’t know what to expect as we had never heard of this event before. It was something new and WOW what an amazing night we had!

🌙A night full of talented artists, dancers and 4 motivational women speakers that inspired us to keep doing what we do! @oevfitness @tanneramma @jmytka @yodaskitchen

We realized that Londoners need to be more informed of the events that happen here in our own city. Most people don’t even know what is going on and they have no idea what they’re missing!And That’s exactly why we started this campaign! To showcase all the amazing things that are happening in London and all the amazing people that make it possible.

Thank you Jim @jfx987iaw and Mari @519physio for inviting us and hosting this event! We look forward to collaborate with more events like this.



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